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Legal Disclaimer

We have made this site for information purposes only. This site is not intended to nor does it create an attorney client relationship nor does it constitute legal advice

Website Disclaimer of Attorney-Client Relationship

The information provided on this web site, including all of its links and related web pages, is intended solely and exclusively for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances is the information contained herein by accessing this web site deemed to create, expressly or implied, an attorney-client relationship between the Firm and any web site visitor or person accessing this web site. No attorney-client relationship shall be deemed to be created between the Firm and any person or entity unless and until a Fee Representation Agreement and any required documentation designation therein is fully executed and signed by all authorized representatives of the Firm and the prospective client.

Disclaimer of Online Legal Advice

Firm hereby expressly disclaims the giving of legal advice online by means of the posting of information on its web site or by sending e-mail or other similar forms of online transmissions, including messages, communications, attachments, or documents to any person, including clients, prospective clients, or “web surfers” as that term is commonly understood, absent an express statement contained in such communication that the information or statement contained therein by Firm or any of its attorneys constitutes specific legal advice to a client or prospective client related to a specific legal matter. In no event shall the giving of legal advice in the absence of a fully completed and executed Fee Representation Agreement and any required attachments between the parties to the online communications executed prior thereto.

Jurisdictional Disclosure

All attorneys of the Firm., including partners, associates and of counsel lawyers are currently licensed to practice in the State of California.

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